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Top 20 Electrical Engineering Programs in China
Ranking Indicators Overall Strength Academic Reputation Faculty Resources Scientific Research Education Quality Total
1Tsing Hua University 5A 6 6 6 6 5.9(5A)
2Huazhong University of Science & Technology 5A 5A 6 6 6 5.8(5A)
3Harbin Institute of Technology 5A 5A 5A 6 5A 5.6(5A)
4Southeast University 5A 5A 5A 5A 5A 5.5(5A)
5Southwest Jiaotong University 5B 5A 5A 5B 5B 5.2(5B)
6Wuhan University of Technology 5B 5B 5A 5B 5B 5.1(5B)
7Nanjing University of Science & Technology 5B 5B 5B 5B 5B 5.0(5B)
8Guangdong University of Foreign Studies 4A 5B 5B 5B 5B 4.9(4A)
9Zhejiang Institute of Science and Technology 4A 4A 5B 5B 5B 4.8(4A)
10Dalian University of Technology 4A 5B 4A 4A 4A 4.6(4A)
11Shanghai University 4A 4A 4A 4A 4A 4.5(4A)
12Zhejiang University 4B 4B 4A 4A 4A 4.3(4B)
13Qingdao University 4B 4A 4B 4A 4A 4.3(4B)
14Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 4B 4B 4B 4A 4A 4.2(4B)
15Jiangsu University 4B 4A 4B 4B 4B 4.1(4B)
16Hunan University 4B 4B 4B 4B 4B 4.0(4B)
17South China University of Technology 4B 4B 4B 4B 4B 4.0(4B)
18Chongqing University 4B 3A 4B 4B 4B 3.9(3A)
19Wuhan University 4A 3A 3A 4B 3A 3.8(3A)
20Sichuan University 3A 4B 3A 3A 3A 3.6(3A)