Introduction:The ranking mainly takes the consideration of the university's cultivation of MBA majoring talents' strain, predicting, orgnization and comprehensive capacities. for example, Capital University of Economics and Business sets up programs such as Human Resource Management and Development, Human Resource Planing, Human Resource Training, Enterprise Management and Development, Personnel Psychology and so on to trains students'practical experience in management.


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1 The University of International Business and Economics
De negocios internacionales y economía
92.5 16.829.314.
2 Wuhan University
Universidad de Wuhan
91.8 18.528.513.
3 University of Science and Technology Beijing
Beijing science and Technology University
91.6 19.328.
4 Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Universidad de ciencia y tecnología
90.1 15.529.013.813.39.29.3
5 Central China Normal University
Central China Normal University
88.5 14.828.713.513.59.09.0
6 Northwestern Polytechnical University
Universidad Politécnica del noroeste
87.5 15.827.812.713.58.69.1
7 Ningbo University
Universidad de Ningbo
86.2 15.827.912.613.18.38.5
8 Fudan University
Universidad de Fudan
85.4 16.227.912.612.87.98.0
9 Wuhan University of Technology
Wuhan University of technology
84.4 15.827.611.813.28.08.0
10 Capital University of Economics and Business
Capital Universidad de Ciencias económicas y empresariales
83.8 16.327.