Five China’s Airlines owning the Most Air Routes

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Wherever you go, these China’s airlines will take you. From here, you go to the world.
  • Currently, China Southern Airlines operated 342 modern Boeing 777, 747, 757, 737 and Airbus A330, 321, 320, 319 and 300 jet aircraft serving destinations to 841 cities in 162 countries … forming an extensive network, with Guangzhou and Beijing as its hubs, covering all of China and radiating throughout Asia with convenient connections to all main cities in the world via close cooperation with all the SkyTeam member airlines.
  • It has opened nearly 500 domestic and international routes flying to more than 90 cities. Hainan operates international regular lines and offers charter flights to various destinations such as from Beijing to Berlin, Beijing to Budapest, Beijing to Brussels, Beijing to Seattle, Beijing to Luanda (transfer in Dubai), Beijing to St. Petersburg, Sanya to Seoul and others.
  • Nowadays, China Eastern Airlines operates over 80 international and regional routes, over 330 domestic routes, which connect 110 cities in China and aboard. A world wide network based in Shanghai covering China and connecting Japan & Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Australia has formed, which provides a smooth air express for passengers at home and aboard.
  • Witnessing a steadfast development in the passenger service, Shanghai Airlines has now a well-facilitated domestic network and also a stretch to some international and regional destinations from Shanghai such as Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hongkong and Macau etc.. Nowadays, Shanghai Airlines reaches over 140 domestic and international destinations, giving access to more than 60 large and medium-sized cities at home and abroad. In addition to the network expansion, Shanghai Airlines also successfully held China United Airlines.
  • Air China owns 224 Boeing and Airbus planes operates 243 routes covering 28 countries and districts, among which there are 69 international routes, 6 regional routes and 168 domestic routes. It provides more than 6.000 weekly flights and offers 1 million seats. By traveling with Air China, passengers can easily reach 81 domestic destinations and 42 international and regional destinations through its strong and balanced global route network with Beijing as the major hub.

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