Top 6 Most Famous Office Buildings in Shanghai

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It is important to find an office building when you are going to do business. In Shanghai, there are many office building prepared for the companies. Among all the buildings, the following six are the most famous.
  • The 88-stories Jin Mao Tower was completed in 1999. It is 420.5 meters tall and covers an area of 2.3 hectares. This building includes modern offices, a deluxe 5-star hotel - the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, exhibition halls, banquet halls, an observation deck, and entertainment facilities. The tower has the best elevators available.
  • It’s a high end shopping mall with an office tower attached. It is a great place, you can walk there in summer to enjoy the airco and in winter to get some warmth. It’s upscale at its best and part of the Shanghai show for the outside world.
  • The 43-story Jin Jiang Tower overlooks the beautiful city of Shanghai. The architecture and layout of the hotel is both striking and pleasing to the eye. Set around two gardens, the three European-style buildings are both elegant and magnificent.
  • Shanghai Securities Exchange Building is a 26 floor tower in the Pudong area of Shanghai. It was completed in 1997. The tower reaches a height of 109 meters, while the flagpole atop the building adds another 70 meters.
  • Built in 1932, the Broadway Mansions is located in the Bond of Shanghai. The building's floor plan was modeled after the Chinese character for the number eight, which is a symbol of luck and prosperity.
  • The Shanghai World Financial Center is a building which includes offices, hotels, museums, observation, parking garage, observation and exhibition areas. At 480 meters the Shanghai World Financial Center is the second tallest building in the world as of 2008.

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