Top Ten Appropriate Places to Watch Birds in China

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Most of natural reserves in china are attractive and picture-card. But without the singings of birds or the traces of animals, it will be a pity. If you want to have a taste of a world of singing birds and fragrant flowers, you couldn’t miss the following ten reserves.
  • Called as “Mecca” of birds-watchers, Beidai River Birds Natural Reserve, which is with a lot of kinds of gulls and other birds, is the first choice for overseas tourists to watch birds. The best time to watch birds is from April to June, thousands of migrant birds flying along the seashore, new kinds found in every year will shake your heart.
  • Qinghai Birds Island is located in the north-west of Qinghai Lake, with the habitat of more than 100,000 migratory birds of various types. Therefore, it is reputed to be "the world of birds". In April, there are more than 10 kinds of birds from southern China and Southeast Asia living here. In the fall, they carry their children birds to fly back to the South. In the island, visitors can see the geese flying in line close to the lake, and swans or albatrosses soaring freely in the air.
  • It is located in Anhui province, and found more than 700 kinds of birds, including more than 300 rare birds, such as Hooded Crane, white crane, and White-napped Crane. From hoar-frost falls (18th solar term) Oct.23 or 24, large groups of migrant birds come here to live through the winter. Until Pure Brightness (5th solar term) Apr.4, 5 or 6, these days are the best time to watch birds.
  • There are 217 kinds of birds, including white crane, grey crane, Cygnus and so on. All of them are first or second national protected animals. You will feel freedom when you see them flying in the wild. Other rare birds passing the winter here are Hooded Crane, Great Bustard, and Chinese merganser and so on. February is the best time to watch birds here.
  • Famous as the kingdom of crane, it is an ideal place for gray crane, white crane, black crane, swan and other rare birds to live through the winter. More than 150 kinds of birds are here, the variety and the quantity are top1 in the world. The sand lake is the home of swan, and the Bang Lake welcomes more than 40,000 birds of different kinds.
  • Caohai means the sea of grass, is the paradise for birds to perch. Among more than150 kinds of birds, Black-necked Crane is the most precious. On the top of caohai, there are always many wild ducks singing, also some purple-blue Anas platyrhynchos, patina Anas acuta Linnaeus, dark red Ruddy Shelduck. Winter is the best time for you to come.
  • It has always enjoyed the reputation of being an “island of thousands of birds”. These birds live in this island with only 0.04 kilometers square. There are 18 items, 46 sorts and 216 kinds of birds, including swan, vulture, golden eagle as well as other common birds. From Sep15 to Oct 15 are the best time to come.
  • Located in the Pingluo county of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, it is one of best places to watch birds. More than 500,000 birds live here. In the spring, you can see the colorful bird eggs in the reed, and thousands of birds flying at the same time just like the clouds hiding the sky..
  • It is a good place to watch red-crowned crane and becomes more famous with a sad and beautiful legend. (Introduce the sad legend briefly) Yancheng red-crowned crane natural reserve is the most important place for red-crowned crane to live through the winter. The visitors can experience its unique atmosphere here.
  • Although it is a county reserve, it is famous in china. On the big banyan, there perch thousands of birds. Every morning and evening, these birds going out and coming back will bring you a magic world.

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