Top Five Must-see Resorts for Travel in Winter in China

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If the winter arrives, which scenic spot in China is good for tourism? Here five must-see resorts are introduced, which is bound to bring lots of fun to you.
  • The rime in Songhua River Jilin is also known as water flowers, or snow willows. It is one of four major natural wonders in China. In late January of each year, Jilin will hold grand rime festival for visitors. Its unique wonders win full praise from Chinese and foreign tourists. When the rime comes into shape, the bank of Songhua River will become a silver world and all the trees blossom with silver flowers, which takes tourists into the wonderland.
  • In the winter, Harbin is surrounded by snow. The annual Ice-Lantern Show will bring people to a vision of fairy tale. In this show, you can appreciate magnificent ice construction, delicate compact ice sculptures, unique ice flowers, spectacular scattered ice, and scenic spots with different themes. in addition to these, you can participate in many ice activities, such as ski sailing, sled, ice-skating, ice fishing and other activities.
  • Tibet has been called the "roof of the world" and it is very cold at most of the time. It is often daunting for its cold weather. However, it is precisely that in this world of ice and snow, there are places covered with year-round steam fog, and hot steam gushing from the springs. This is Tibet's geothermal well-known landscape, found only in Tibet, China's largest Geyser District – Tagejia Geyser Areas.
  • There are many well-known plum resorts in China's southern part, such as Lingfeng Peak in Hangzhou, Dengwei Hill in Suzhou suburbs, Plum Garden in south-west of Wuxi, Plum Hill in the central part of Nanjing, and Dingshan Lake in Shanghai and so on. Standing under the plum trees, seeing the beautiful plum blossoms, you will be deeply enchanted by the colorful world.
  • Known as the pearl on the sea, Hainan has a very charming tropical temptation. It has green Wuzhishan, clean Wanquan River, pleasant Gulf, and beautiful coconut palms, etc. when the sunlight are shining, and you lie on a wicker chair under the coconut trees, wearing sunglasses, shorts, and T shirt, look at the endless blue of the sea, you will feel quiet, nice, and comfortable. Besides, the hot springs around the entire island can get rid of your tiredness and bring you the peace.

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