Top Five Peculiar Caves in China

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The Nature makes peculiar surface of the earth, the best representatives are the caves. Until put yourself in the nature will not you feel the magic power of nature. Caves beyond caves, come and enjoy the following five peculiar caves in China.
  • Located in Wulong County, it was found in May, 1993. It is an underground artistic palace and cavern scientific museum. The grottos in the cave are world famous by its large quantity, graceful shape, pure essence and large distribution.
  • It is the largest and most peculiar cave in china at present. Located in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province, it has attracted tourists by its large scale, peculiar appearance and complete sorts. Moreover, you can experience the culture of Buyi, Miao and Yi and other national minorities nearby.
  • Located in the southwest of Hubei Province, it is well-known by its grandness, danger, quietness and unique characters. Caves beyond hills and waters, there are no pollution and dangerous snakes and scorpions. Out of the cave, you can find splendid scenery which will attract your eyes firmly.
  • Huanglong Cave includes nearly all kinds of caves. It has four floors, more than 100 meters high. Each kind of stone has its own color and structure. In the cave, there is a waterfall with 50 meters high. The stalagmite, stone falls, stone flowers and other views will feed your eyes.
  • It is a karst cave shaped millions of years ago. The cave occupies an area of more than 3600 square kilometers. The grottoes in the cave are distributed in random, one beyond another. The ancient well and blue lake will make you in a fairy place.

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