Top Five Mysterious Deserts in China

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Although there are many deserts in China, only a few of them are mysterious. In most people’s eyes, the desert becomes the representative of the death and unconquered things. As the matter of fact, being in the desert will make you have absolute different feeling.
  • It is a place to make inquiries to life. Among all of the deserts, Takelamagan is the most mysterious, attractive and dangerous. Its name means if you come, never want to go out. In 1970 and 1980, mummies were found here. The highest temperature there reaches 67.2 degree, and the temperature varies greatly between day and night, about 40 degree. It is the second largest quick desert in the world.
  • It is the Qomolangma among the desert. The height difference between the mountain and the desert is more than 500 meters. It is different from other deserts in that there are more than 140 lakes in the desert. Around the desert, the birds play with each other, the lake and the mountain are well integrated, which make the visitors relax and enjoyed.
  • It is an original desert as well as a natural plant garden. Although it is a desert, it is very active. More than 300 kinds of plants live here, and the first level national preserved animals Asiatic wild ass, and bores, Mongolian gazelles, wolves, foxes and other animals also treat the desert as their home. Manasi Lake, which is dried for half century now has been alive.
  • It is the largest sound desert sea in China as well as the highest desert. The sand dunes are scattering. The famous Yinken sound sand is facing the mountains, like a crescent moon. The sand will sing when they are impacted, so people walk, the sand sing, people stop, the sand keep quite. Lucky enough, you will see the famous “light of God”.
  • It is composed by quick sand dunes, so it is the fastest quick desert in china. The sand peaks are magnificent, the sand are smooth with golden colors. Diaopuoliang is the typical scenery of the desert, which is 39 meters high. Its changeable appearance, different image has brought many unique types of scenery for tourists.

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