Top Five Beautiful Grasslands in China

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Have you been to the prairies in China? The vast prairie stretches west to the horizon. How spectacular it is! If you can visit the following five most beautiful grasslands, your trip will become even more rich and colorful.
  • Hulunbuir Grassland is located in Hailaer on the east of Inner Mongolia. Thousands of streams stretching in all directions nourished the Hulunbuir Grasslands. The green grasslands are dotted with colorful flowers in the summer, with birds enjoying the freedom of flying in the sky. Cattle and sheep are scattered about the grassland and singings of locals on the vast beautiful and wide grassland. Besides these, you should try the dishes at the Quanyangyan (all dishes cooked from the sheep). It is a pleasant experience tasting the delicious Quanyangan with bonfire lighting around while enjoying the wonderful native performance.
  • It has season’s natural grassland of more than 310 million mu. It’s the biggest oasis, the most beautiful oasis sport and the richest oasis in resources in the west part of China. Here the soil is rich and wide to several kilometers, grassland is very vast; water is enough; climate is moist .The region has the good names of “lush southern type fields north of the Great Wall”, "priceless place on the west border”, "vast desert like oasis”. The good ecological environment and plentiful resources water, soil, sunshine, supply superior living condition for lots of animals and plants and here is the ideal habitat and also these bring vitality in the green industry belt.
  • As a rare undeveloped virgin land in the world today, Nagqu Frigid Grassland is not bleakerbleakest,desolate and mysterious as imagined. On the contrary, it is flat-lying with large and small lakes spreading all over it and Thermal HotSpring covered by frog and steams all the year round. In summer and autumn, green grass are dotted with flowers, white clouds drift across the blue sky, eagles fly freely, blue rivers are rippling, wild yaks, Tibetan antelopes, snow leopards and a large number of rare birds and animalsget together,what a harmonious picture.
  • Covering an area of about 5,270 acres, Kangxi Grassland is Beijing's biggest grassland. The Kangxi Grassland is celebrated for superb scenery and large number of sheep and cattle. From late spring to summer, the grass begins to revives, like a cushion stretching out as far as one can see; innumerable flowers bloom, as if they are competing with each other for beauty. Owing to its geographical position, the grassland has a distinctive flavor with a perfect harmony of mountain, water, grass and animals. The vast grasslands here offer a wide range of activities: horse riding, camel riding, boating, fishing, skating, and some more.
  • Located in the Qilian Mountain Lengglonglin, 120 km away from Ganzhou City, Qilianshan Grassland is the first race course in Asia and the second in the world. The golden rape flowers and snow capped on Qilian add radiance to each other. Groups of cattle and sheep stroll beneath the blue sky, showing you a natural and harmonious picture. It would be the most enjoyable thing to visit the grassland during July and August each year.

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