Top 5 Travel Resorts in China for Lovers

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  • The top of Yulong Snow Mountain is surrounded by clouds all year long. Even if it is a sunny day, the sunlight is still very hard to penetrate the dense clouds. It is said that in autumnal equinox, one-meter long sunlight can be seen occasionally and the lovers who see it will have a whole life’s love. Maybe many people haven’t the chance to see it, while the beauty of the ancient city is still worth a visiting. Lijiang is a suitable place for enjoying the life. Taking your lover to come here and living for several days can be a good choice for you both. The life of seeing the snow mountain in a far distance, walking along Sifang Street and enjoying the sunlight in the afternoon with your lover can be compared with that in heaven.
  • The most beautiful love stories happen in Hangzhou. Such a poetic city becomes more attractive due to the existence of West Lake. Is it the West Lake’s beauty that produces so many beautiful loves? The answer is not important, while it is true that the tranquil lake has witnessed numerous loves. Maybe the legends are the reasons of West Lake’s beauty. Go boating with your lover, and you will experience the classical love and feelings that cannot be easily felt in the so busy times.
  • In addition to four wonders of clouds sea, sunrise, Buddha light, holy light, Emei Mountain is suitable for lovers for the reason that there is “Tongxinsu” (concentric lock) plank road on the top of Mountain. On the both sides of plank road, there are numerous concentric locks with lovers’ names written on them. It is said that after fastening the lock and throwing the only key to the abyss, the lover will never depart with each other. Of course, it is just a perfect wish, while the locks witness the deep love and loyalty of lovers. 
  • This city is characterized of colorful flowers, clean air, peaceful life and romantic beaches. Do you want to enjoy this life with your lover? The Lover Road is the mark of this romantic city. It is a very long road, for lovers often want to talk and stay with each other as long as possible. Walking on this road and appreciating the sea the feel the smooth moonlight, you will have a beautiful and perfect night.
  • You may not understand why so many people want to hold marriage ceremony in Tibet and you may not believe in the concept that one must go to Tibet for at least one time in his life, but when you and your lover really come to this land and see the pure smile of pilgrims who are worshipping the Langzha Mountain or see the clear and boundless rencuo Lake, don’t you feel the true romance and holy sweet? Under the so clear and pure sky, the souls will also be purified. Maybe only the person who has childish and pure mind can really understand the essence of the love.

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