Top 10 Leisure Cities in China

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When leisure became a need, the awareness of the tourist cities has also become a demand. To help you understand the different features of the tourist cities, we selected the top 10 China’s leisure cities, integrating many aspects.
  • Sanya is the southernmost tropical city in China, which is fit for human habitation very much. Its enchanting natural sceneries and unique cultural relics make you think about the past and today.
  • Chengdu is city with beautiful sceneries and pleasant climate. Meanwhile, it is a cultural city with history of more than two thousand years, which is left behind history rich historical sites. All of these allow visitors to have double satisfaction of senses and mind.
  • Guilin is a city famous for its scenery. It has become the best tourist destination recommended by World Tourism Organization.
  • Hangzhou has always been beautiful to the world, which got the reputation of "a paradise on earth". The well-known West Lake surrounded by many famous grotto statues and tablets, ancient architectures, has become an ideal place for recreation and tourism.
  • Lijiang have three World Heritages: the Old Town of Lijiang, Three Parallel Rivers and Dongba Literature books. Lijiang is a city with harmony between men and nature and longed by people yearning for leisure.
  • Dalian is surrounded by mountains and rivers with beautiful sceneries and pleasant climate. It is a popular tourist coastal city. Beside the sea, there are various gulf, scattered rocks and extraordinary landscape constituting elegant seaside scenery.
  • Nanjing, a well-known tourist city in China is a city with magnificent sceneries. It is also one of seven ancient capitals of China, a famous historic and cultural city.
  • Visiting Qingdao, you can not only enjoy the pleasant climate and beautiful sceneries, but also feel the rich cultural blend between China and foreign countries, which has a very high aesthetic value of tourism.
  • Fujian has a long cultural history and retained a lot of unique customs and traditions such as worshipping on January 9th, visiting ancestor's graves and going for a walk on Tomb-sweeping Day and so on.
  • The climate of Kunming is enjoyable all year round. Because of it, Kunming is called the City of Spring. Fresh flowers are blooming everywhere, so it is also regarded as Flower City.

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