Top 10 Exploration Routes in China

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Nowadays, outdoor exploration has been the best choice for people to challenge themselves. A qualified explorer must be in good preparation in every aspect. Therefore, it is very important to choose a right route. The following 10 most popular exploration routes in China will be for your reference.
  • Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the highest elevation, deepest and longest valley in the world, located in Tibet. It is reputed as the last secret place for human beings. In addition to good health and perseverance, you should have a scientific planning to explore it.
  • Compared with Taklimakan Desert which is located in Xinjiang, too, the Silk Road from Loulan Ancient City to Lop Nor is more attractive for its history and legends for explorers. The stories happened in this area are countless and mysterious, waiting for you to explore.
  • Taklimakan Desert is the largest desert in China. The vast desert and its desperate environment have attracted a great many explorers. The most challenging experience will be going through the Dead Sea. If you succeed, it will be a successful exploration for you.
  • The area locates in the southwest part of China, which is characterized of complicated landforms, numerous ethnic groups and distinct natural environment. It will be suitable place for explorers and photographers who hope to have new findings.
  • With the construction of Three Gorges Project, many beautiful landscapes will disappear forever. So it will be the last chance for hikers to appreciate the last beauties of Three Gorges.
  • This is a more than 500 kilometers’ long route and also the most legendary route on the Silk Road. It is characterized of rare landforms and distinct cultural customs and there are many ancient castles, cultural relics, fossil hills, and wild camels and so on.
  • It is located in Shaanxi Province. In ancient times, it was a natural barrier between the people in Shu Nation and Chu Nation. Due to its unique location, many plank roads were built along the cliff. Here is also the climatic division between south and north of China. Walking through china’s largest natural reserve and into the desolate plain will be the real experience of the exploration.
  • The Tea Horse Road was an important road connecting Yunnan and Tibet in ancient time. It had splendid history, while now, it only leaves numerous historical relics. The complicated landforms and devious history will bring a lot of difficulties for explorers, but the beautiful landscapes along the road will give you impetus.
  • Bayan Kara Mountain in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the origin of Yangtze River and Yellow River, which has vast area of ice and snow. More than 100 lakes of different size are scattered around the mountain, adding great charm to its natural beauties.
  • Lugu Lake is a place full of unique practice and customs. it is the only one place existing matriarchal society in the world. The people who love each other will not be married and their child must be raised by mothers. Therefore, the women here can have several men in her life. This practice is called “Zouhun”, which is passed from generation to generation. Due to the distinct customs, it will be a unique exploration for you.

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