Top 10 Attractions of Romance in China

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As for romance, it not only refers to silver beach and warm sunshine. Have you ever experienced the unique romance of ethnic customs? The following 10 attractions will make you feel this romance of China, which you cannot miss them when you travel in China. They are the places worth of your several days’ appreciation.
  • Hangzhou has a famous Bar Street: Nanshan Street, located to the south of West Lake. Students and artists from all parts of the world are the regular customers of the street. Tea Houses, Art Gallery and bars, and delicious but cheap food make the street more romantic than other places. West Lake has always been a popular tourist destination for tourists. It will be enjoyable to sit beside the lake, drink Longjing Tea, listen to some soft music, and appreciate the beautiful landscape of the West Lake.
  • Nowadays, it is the most popular tourist attraction. In the daytime, you can look at the snow-capped mountains, walk on the roads made of grey bricks, stay in the coffee bars or tea bars of different sizes, shop in unique arts and crafts stores, ride bicycles along the plateau to enjoy the scenery, and listen to famous Naxi ancient music. It is a moving ancient city of long history, the real Shangri-La in people's minds, and the first choice for people to escape from the noisy reality.
  • It is a very popular tourist attraction. It has idyllic scenery, the first class Landscape of "Li River", the world’s wonder of Karst caves, and the memorable West Street. In the street, nearly every one, from the boss to the waiter, can speak fluent English. On the tour ship, you can hear the classic folk songs of "Sanjie Liu". And popular outdoor activities, such as hiking, bicycle touring, are held in the green mountains. Yangshuo is fantastic place for tourists.
  • Dali is essentially the same as Yangshuo. It is a small town with warm weather all year round. There are many bookstores and discs shops, and you can see many regular tourists here. The romantic city is full of sweet favor, attracting people all over the world, and the beautiful scenery of Erhai River will make you unforgettable forever.
  • It may be the most beautiful town in China. Traveling in this town, you will see Diaojiao buildings, ancient tower and stone bridges and so on. The remote and quiet town, the honest and simple life style, and the buildings full of national characteristics, are the best reasons for tourism.
  • Where will you go after touring Lijiang? 50% of people will answer you, the "Lugu Lake". Its wonderful natural beauties, the clear pure voice of the Mosuo girls and unique marriage customs of Mosuo attract a great number of visitors from the world every year.
  • To visitors, the sun, sea, beach are as attractive as the snow-capped mountains, cliffs and deserts. You can lazily lie on chairs on the beach to make your skin shined to healthy color, and deep into the sea to have a close contact with marine life. How joy it will be!
  • Xiamen’s relaxed and indolent life will be suitable for tourists to have a good holiday, and especially the Gulangyu Island, which is a paradise for visitors. You can walk through the small and lovely buildings along the spotless street, and hear the ocean waves along with the sound of piano. When you are tired, you can sit anywhere, and no need for coffee and beer you can be enchanted in this peaceful world.
  • Hailed as "the most beautiful village in China", Wuyuan has attracted more and more attention. Lingyan ancient caves, precious trees, architecture and ancient culture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are the four features of Wuyuan landscapes. In order to appreciate these landscapes, you’d better travel on foot. Thus, large numbers of tourists come to the most beautiful place to enjoy the most special peace and serenity.
  • 10 Tibet
    It is the highest elevation mysterious plateau region on earth. There are too much scenery and customs attracting all the tourists from home and abroad, despite terrible altitude sickness, and difficult conditions. When you ask people, where do you go when you have time? Almost 99 percent of people will answer you "Tibet" without any doubt.

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