Five Law Firms with the most Professional Legal Documents Services in Wuhan

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Legal documents are closely interrelated to our lives. All personal rights related issues need to be written down in black and white. And the professional legal documents service is quite important in asserting our rights. The following 5 law firms which have the most professional legal documents service will be helpful to you.
  • Hubei Best Law Firm is directly under Department of Justice. It was founded in 2001. Currently, it has 6 partners and 17 professional full time lawyers. This law firm provides professional and normative legal documents services, including labor arbitration application, joint contract sample, enterprise collective contract, part-time job work contract, partnership agreement, house-leasing contract, mortgage loan contract, product distribution contract, copyright licensing agreement, partnership agreement, etc.
  • Beijing Dacheng Law Office, Wuhan Substation was founded on May, 2001 with the approval of Hubei Department of Justice. Currently, over 50 lawyers, over 20 senior consultants and 3 administration staff. Dacheng Law Office has numerous specialists. All the lawyers and consultants have their special research areas and have accumulated invaluable practical experiences and theoretical materials.
  • Deheng Law Firm, Wuhan Substation is a high-level, globalized and partnership system law office which was built with the approval of Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China. The main services of this law firm include legal consultation offer, negotiation participation, Contract draft, amendment and examination. According to the business requirements of the clients, this law firm can muster appropriate lawyers to provide the legal services at any time.
  • This law firm has scientific classifications of business, professional talents and rich experiences. According to the different cases and requirements, this firm can compose different professional legal documents for the clients. It has set up 9 professional legal affairs departments, such as financial instrument, foreign affairs, intellectual property right, etc. All the directors of the 9 departments are doctors of jurisprudence, senior lawyers, masters of jurisprudence and lawyers of level 3 or above.
  • At the beginning of 2002, Hubei Ange Law Firm got the working qualification of legal services after the approval of Ministry of Justice and China’s Securities Regulatory Commission. It can provide professional services, especially legal documents service. The legal documents are written by professional lawyers, including 4 lawyers who have the working qualifications of securities legal services. All the licensed lawyers graduate from higher political institutions and famous universities. The majority of the employees have senior or medium titles and over 10 years’ work experience. Besides, 7 lawyers of this law firm work as arbitrators of Wuhan Arbitration Commission. This firm can guarantee the quality of the professional legal documents.

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