Ten Mandarin Training Schools in China Offering Professional HSK Courses

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For many foreign learners, HSK test is an important criterion for their Chinese ability. In China, there are many famous Chinese language schools which can offer the most professional HSK courses.
  • It primarily offers such HSK course as Practice Examinations, Practice Exercises and Timing Exercises. Each kind focuses on different aspects of HSK for foreigners to improve mandarin ability over all. Capital Mandarin has competitive and affordable prices and native Chinese teachers with degrees in teaching Mandarin and years of experience teaching Chinese to foreigners.
  • As one of the most famous mandarin schools in Shanghai, the HSK preparation course it offers enables basic to advanced students to improve their test performance. Students take four lessons every day to study the grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and reading skills necessary to score well on the test.
  • It offers professional HSK courses of all levels all year long. The teachers are all native speakers of standard Putonghua. And everyone is bilingual, speaking either English or Japanese. Besides, interactive class and practical experience in and out of class makes the learning process easy, exciting and effective.
  • The experienced teachers in Mandarin Capital are assigned to help students improve the listening, reading, writing and speaking abilities needed to take the test. After completing course, the students will master both the content of HSK examination and test-taking skills.
  • It is a professional HSK training school in Guangzhou. It offers HSK training adhering to the arrangement of the examination, including listening, grammar, reading, comprehensive gap filling and test guidance. It combines test with practice. All of these are helpful and will make sure that the students' problems can be solved.
  • Based on the textbook, the school offers most useful exam guidance for students who will join the HSK (Elementary-intermediate) exam. At the same time, it will also help the students to improve their test performance through practicing some high-valued exam papers.
  • The school offers HSK courses of all levels. The school's professional veteran teachers are its number one winning element. All its teachers hold Chinese teaching degrees. They've been teaching Chinese for from 3 to 20 years.
  • It primarily offers HSK courses of elementary, intermediate and advanced levers. HSK class is arranged in weekends in a whole-day style. HSK tutorship connected with listening, grammar, reading and cloze exercises helps the students pass the HSK exam.
  • It offers HSK preparation Courses of all lever. Teachers use simulated test questions to examine and corroborate the knowledge that students have learned on a basis of repeated simulated examinations and pertinent explanations and tutorial activities.
  • Chinese Corner provides 1 on 1 tutoring to guarantee you success of HSK exam. All the teachers have rich experience and use the latest dynamic teaching methods. A learning plan will be made for each student tailored to his goals and learning style.

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