The Four Best Mandarin Schools for Joining Summer Camp in Shanghai

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Summer camp organized by Chinese schools would be a good choice for your children to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture, for it provides a unique study environment. In Shanghai, where to find such Chinese schools with perfect summer camp programs?
  • In the past five years, over 200 teenagers from all over the world had taken part in iMandarin summer camp. The summer camp organized by iMandarin helps the children not only increase their Chinese level, but also make new friends and get knowledge of Chinese culture, by spending a meaningful and amazing vacation. In iMandarin summer camp, the students will learn Mandarin in an immersed environment.
  • Since 2005, MandarinRocks has been successfully hosting summer camp programs every year for primary school, middle school and college students coming from all over the world. Its summer camp program always contains a perfect balance of courses, sports, activities, cultural visits and trips, allowing students to have a deep insight into Chinese culture, improve Chinese rapidly.
  • Each summer, Miracle Mandarin offers Chinese language and culture courses for students from 8 to 17 years old. It has special teaching method for kids born overseas. All its professional and dedicated teachers and coordinators together with all participants create a diverse and safe environment for the students to develop language, culture and social skills.
  • The top quality Chinese language summer courses in In-Mandarin school for young people from middle school to the university are organized by experienced, professionally qualified teachers. During this course, well-designed Chinese courses, a wide range of sports and other leisure activities, a full and varied entertainment program will be offered for students from all over the world.

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