Hangzhou’s Top 5 Chinese Language Schools with the Best Teaching Environment

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From ancient times to the present, Hangzhou has always been one of the most beautiful cities in China. Studying Chinese language in such a beautiful city, you will feel quite happy every day. If you plan to study Chinese in Hangzhou, the following 5 training schools which have graceful teaching environment will be a good choice.
  • Starting from the school, you can arrive at the beautiful lakefront of Westlake in 10 minutes by bike. It is opposite to the gate of Xixi campus of Zhejiang University. The tidy classrooms are surrounded by dense academic atmosphere, and it is the best choice for Chinese language learning. As the earliest Chinese language training school, Mandarin Capital has successfully cultivated over 1,000 foreign Chinese language learners. The high-quality teaching, multiple courses and considerate services can help the students learn lots about China.
  • Xingyi Chinese Language Center locates at the Xixi Road. The superior location has a quite convenient transportation. The contiguous Shuguanglu Wine Bar and Huanglong Sports Center will be a good recreational place for you to go after class. Zhejiang University is the gathering place for overseas students in Hangzhou, so you can make friends with the students come from various countries easily here. Besides, the natural fresh and clean green environment close to Jade Spring will bring you a quiet and relaxed feeling in the noisy city.
  • Chinesetown Language Institute is an accredited modern and professional language institute affiliated to Zhejiang Education Association for International Exchange. This institute locates at the bank of Westlake. It offers international students Chinese language course and culture course. Chinesetown’s guideline is to take all its efforts to provide best teaching and service. Its experienced and certificated teachers are committed to delivering excellent, diverse and flexible Chinese language programs and teaching while bringing our students a memorable life experience and cultural immersion in China.
  • Hangzhou Babel Language Training Center located at the core zone of the commercial district of Hangzhou. This school is bathed in the literary atmosphere of Zhejiang University. Depending on the district advantage, Hangzhou Babel Language Training Center draws the cultural atmosphere of Hangzhou and the historical precipitation of Westlake. And it has been developed into a professional training school.
  • Hangzhou Seoul Education Training Center is the most characteristic and professional languages training center in Hangzhou. This center has complete teaching facilities, tidy teaching buildings, sequestered studying environment, numerous classrooms and characteristic activity rooms. All those can provide you a lively Chinese language studying environment.

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