Four Chinese Schools You Shouldn't Miss When Choosing Summer Camp in Beijing

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In this hot summer, do you need to arrange something for your children to make their summer vacation more colorful? Then why not choosing a summer camp for them in Beijing? There are several Chinese schools in Beijing which can provide well organized summer camp.
  • The summer camp of Capital Mandarin especially focuses on leisure activities in the afternoon. Through this program, students will have a great experience not only improving their Chinese language but also have plenty chance to attend travelling sporting activities in its selected country club. This unique mix of language classes, field trips and sports activities makes it different from other programs.
  • Until now, Over 200 students from 18 countries have joined Mandarin House Summer Programs. Students take part in Mandarin lessons and join a variety of Chinese cultural and tour activities, experience traditional and modern China while learning Mandarin. Mandarin House offers Chinese Language and Culture Courses for juniors from 7 to 18 years old. The dedicated and experienced teachers, monitors and coordinators offer great experience for children.
  • This unique camp of World Link Education offers the integral ‘immersion’ aspects of World Link Education’s successful China programs for the past 10 years. The program integrates learning by doing the ‘Real Life’ way. The camp’s comprehensive program includes Chinese language classes, cultural workshops, and guided excursions, social and sporting activities allowing students to rapidly improve their Mandarin while enjoying their summer holidays.
  • In iMandarin (Beijing), the summer tour integrates education and fun. It provides the students with interesting curriculum and outdoor activities, with the aim at raising students’ interest in learning mandarin and enhancing their efficiency of learning through better activities.

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