Four Best Mandarin Schools in Shenzhen with Professional Business Chinese Courses

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Being regarded as one of the most important business cities in south China, Shenzhen has become the business centers for many foreign businessmen. Have you gained the necessary Business Chinese skills for your business activities in Shenzhen?
  • In Hanbridge Mandarin, the professional business Chinese course is particularly designed for busy professionals of all levels who need to acquire practical communication skills in Mandarin. The courses address specific business-related elements of grammar and sentence structure; it also allows students to better understand Chinese business culture.
  • It offers Mandarin Chinese program in Shenzhen, and corporate Mandarin Chinese training is its major product. Since its establishment, it has offered Business Chinese training course for famous companies such as Microsoft China, La France, Schlumberger, Emerson, ConocoPhillips, Nokia and Amphenol.
  • Guided by the motto and methodology "Language in Motion", it is an English and Mandarin training center devoted to true interactive teaching methods in the classroom. The Business Chinese course in it is divided according to the different levels of learners: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Writing & Reading.
  • NCM, founded more ten years ago, is a Chinese Language school providing Chinese learning courses to learners of all levels, from beginners through to advanced. Different lengths of study and various models are available. The Business Chinese course offered by it are connected with real business situation closely and carried out in conversation.

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