Five Perfect Chinese Language Schools for Business Chinese Training in Shanghai

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When carrying out your business activities in large financial cities in China such as Shanghai, good business Chinese communication skills and solid background of China economic is very important. Do you want to find Chinese language schools offering perfect Business Chinese course in Shanghai?
  • In iMandarin, the Business Chinese Course contains totally 7 levels of preliminary, intermediate and advanced business. From these Business Chinese courses with different levels, students will acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese society and economy by group discussions on hot and sensitive topics covering Chinese and world’s economic situation.
  • MandarinRocks offers professional Business Chinese course for executives and professionals who want to pursue a business career that relates to China. Its course will introduce key business concepts and subjects and develop practical language skills for the modern business world. Knowledge on business etiquette and practice in China are incorporated into the course.
  • Mandarinrise Culture Center is the leading oriental cultural center based in Shanghai and America. It is well known for offering best quality Chinese courses for individuals and companies. In its Business Chinese course, Mandarinrise will lead students to learn more about Chinese business habits and business etiquette, Chinese policies to help students easily handle all the problems.
  • In this Mandarin center, various types of Business Chinese courses such as reading class of Business Chinese and International Business Chinese will be offered. Business Chinese has developed sixteen lessons in all to introduce some typical business activities and business related social events in the Chinese business world.
  • In Mandarin City, the Business Chinese course is designed for students who possess around 2500 words and aim to have the ability to read economic and industry periodicals, and the course concentrates on Business Chinese language as well as workplace culture, and emphasizes learning business Chinese for commercial activities and social skills.

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