Five Famous Chinese Language Schools Offering Most Colorful Culture Courses in Shanghai

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In recent years, more and more foreigners are learning Chinese for different purposes in Shanghai. If you are interested in Chinese traditional culture and want to learn much more about it, you should not miss the following five Chinese language schools with colorful culture courses in Shanghai.
  • In order to help students understand more about China, culture and customs, iMandarin offers acculturation courses so that students can integrate into Chinese people’s lives and improve quality of life in China. The culture courses it offers are group or individual classes focusing on specific aspects of traditional Chinese culture, such as tea course, cooking, wash painting, calligraphy, mahjong, and Tai Chi.
  • Miracle Mandarin School enjoys the best word of mouth among expatriates in Shanghai and over 90% of students sign up for additional classes. It is also the best choice for you to learn Chinese characters in a short time. Miracle Mandarin offers a unique way to conquer the “Hanzi” problem.
  • In Mandarin offers special Chinese culture/Chinese economy lecture courses. In In-Mandarin Chinese School, this program is designed for the students who have learned Chinese for one or two years. It combines the knowledge of Chinese culture and economy and the training of language skills in order to meet the needs of foreign students and help them get the most when they study and live in Shanghai.
  • It is regarded as one of the main Chinese training centers in Shanghai. In Moren, you will have chance to learn knowledge of Chinese traditional culture as much as possible, for the Chinese culture course in it is mainly focuses on the explanation of China. With the unique explanation of the teachers, you will learn something about Peking Opera, Tai Chi and calligraphy in an interesting way.
  • BE Mandarin specializes in providing the best & effective Mandarin courses at all levels for local expatriates and international students. The customized China cultural tour and Chinese culture lesson such as Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese cookery, Chinese tea making and Chinese handcraft lesson helps foreign students to learn Chinese traditional culture in an efficient way.

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