Top 5 Most Famous Investment Companies in China

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China has been a hot place to invest for many foreign companies. If you want to invest in China, it is necessary to consult a professional investment company which can help you a lot in the investing process. The following introduce five most famous investment companies in China and hope they can help you.
  • It assists companies interested in investing, manufacturing or opening an office or factories in Asia. Boxinves is a specialist in guiding small, medium, and family-owned businesses to expand their operations in Asia.
  • It was founded in 1993 and has developed into a well known, competent investigation organization. It is the first investigation organization in Mainland China and provides comprehensive services, specializing in due diligence and prevention of business fraud.
  • CITIC was established in 1979, in the tens of years, it has attracted and utilized foreign capital, introduced advanced technologies, and adopted advanced and scientific international practice in operation and management.
  • As an investment manager responsible for the long-term stewardship of its mandated assets, China Investment Corporation is committed to being a world-class investment institution.
  • It is a functional and professional investment company of SIIC. It is equipped with rich experience in international capital market and wide international supporting network and supported by powerful stockholders. It provides powerful services and supports to the clients to enter into the domestic and international capital markets.

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