Four Oldest Korean International Schools in China

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As Korean parents in China, you may find it hard to find a Korean international school as the number of such international school is so few. However, the following four oldest Korean international schools may meet your requirements well.
  • Founded in 1994, it is one of the earliest Korean international schools in China. The school is a member of the Cambridge International Primary Program and a registered Cambridge Centre. Within the school, students are divided into four "houses", which are named after four animals in the wild; Cougars, Eagles, Pandas and Lions. Each house has a different color to distinguish them: Cougars (yellow), Eagles (red until 2005; blue thereafter), Lions (blue until 2005; red thereafter), and Pandas (green).
  • Its history of early development can be traced back to 1998. Korean International School in Beijing provides a rigorous, international curriculum that fosters academic excellence, innovative thinking and creative self-expression in a collaborative and respectful environment. As educators, KISB is committed to providing the academic environment to support the pursuit of excellence and innovation in education.
  • Being regarded as one of the best international schools in Qingdao, it has experienced more than 8 years’ development. It now has about 550 students and has a very professional, dedicated and hard working staff that includes Chinese, Korean, and Western teachers. Students can enjoy studying Chinese along with a strong English program that is aligning its curriculum with state standards from the USA.
  • Shanghai Korean School was founded in 1999. As the first international school for Korean children in Shanghai, it has enlarged its enrollment scale in recent years. A huge amount of money is also invested to build a modern school for Korean children to enjoy their study in China.

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