Five Famous International Kindergartens with Colorful Class Activities in Shanghai

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  • After more than 25 years’ development, Tiny Tots International Kindergarten has established a solid curriculum, delivered by caring and experienced teachers. In addition to the weekly class schedule of Science, Math, English, Art, Music, Crafts, Chinese, Computer Play, Social Development, Proper Behavior, further supplementary activities such as Soccer, Tennis, Baking, Ballet, Kickboxing, Aerobics, and Golf are also available.
  • At SSIK, the activities are very colorful. Activities include sports day to allow for interpersonal interaction and visit to the supermarket to match names to real items. Students enjoy the use of two fields which are specially design to ensure the safety of children during playtime. Students also benefit from the use of the pool as well as sand play. They can also make use of the gym to refine their gross motor skills.
  • As the sister kindergarten of Utsukushigaoki Montessori School in Yokohama, Japan, this kindergarten adopts unique principles in designing class activities. The content of the daily class are made up of practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language and cultural studies. The children will also have chance to join numerous types of activities held in the kindergarten.
  • Established in early 1998, Fortune Kindergarten creates an active, relaxed and homely learning environment for its children. It helps children understand and accept social rules, develop their own personality, and understand communication between people belonging to different cultures and develop every aspect of their personality, life, language skills, and perceptive skills.
  • At Angels Kindergarten, there is a school-wide assembly every week. Every child has the opportunity to go on stage and perform or make a speech. Through observation and practices, the children learn that going on stage is nothing to be afraid of and they take it as a source of pride. Different class activities are also carefully designed for children's age.

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