Four Qualities Chinese Women Most Care for

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Different women have different standards to choose their mates, due to different age, educational background, and personalities. However, what qualities do they most care for?
  • 80% of couples divorce because of unsuitable characters. So spouse’s compatibility will be the biggest guarantee of the marriage. Besides, if a man has some problems with his personality, the love with his girlfriend will not maintain for a long time, not alone getting married.
  • Men with good careers will be great attractions to women, because they can guarantee the marriage life without difficulties. Besides, from his careers, a woman can know what kind of person he usually contacts with. If his friends are bad, then he might be not so good. Of cause, he would not be the best mate of the woman.
  • Every woman wants to marry a healthy husband, because he must be responsible for the family. And this is undoubtly one of the most important element Chinese women concern.
  • Family environment influences the qualities of a man to some extent. Therefore, a man with good family environment may be better, including his parents, because when they are married, she must get along well with his parents in order to keep a harmonious family.

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