6 International Marriage Agencies in China with the Most Foreign Registered Members

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About the Ranking
For an international marriage agency, the fact of more registered members means the better reputation and higher success rate. The following 6 China’s international agencies all have more than 100,000 registered members and they can be for your reference.
  • It has over 6 million high-quality members, including professors, lawyers, doctors, management talents, engineers, managers, etc. Moreover, there are thousands of newcomers every mouth.
  • During ten years’ development, the group has created eleven brands and more than one million members and one thousand newly-registered every day over the world. It has been the top one among all the matrimonial agencies in China.
  • At the first stage of development, Ouimeet Net had over 50,000 registered members. Up to now, the number has reached over 120,000.
  • This agency has thousands of excellent members, and the number is on the increase.
  • Nowadays, Yibang Rose Consulting Co. Ltd has more than 100,000 registered members who mostly come from Europe, North America and other developed countries and regions.
  • It has built up a large database of more than 200,000 members and many of them have found their best mate under the great efforts of Yinuofu.

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