Top 10 Most Popular Housekeeping Service Companies in China

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Currently there are hundreds of different household services companies in China’s housekeeping market. It is a little difficult for Chinese people to choose a good company, let alone for the foreign friends who know less about China. However, if you need household services, the following ten well-known domestic brands of services may help you make a choice.
  • Found in 2000, it is the first housekeeping company which has got the national trademark in Liaoning province. Its branches have ranged six provinces in China. With a younger, better-educated and professional staff team, it provides the widest housekeeping services in China.
  • Headquartered in Beijing, its 102 chain institutions have ranged in 18 provinces including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan and so on. More than 1000 specially-trained employees offer services of three levels to the whole country.
  • It is one of the members of the Family Service Association. Some services in its registered home services and services for foreigners have been well-known in China. Since its establishment in 2001, it has provided services for more than 20000 people in China.
  • With high-quality, characteristics, professional and family services covering almost every aspect of the demand for services, it aims to let people enjoy the high quality of life. Headquartered in Vancouver, it has a wealth of child-care experts. It owns 25 stores in China.
  • It is a famous brand located in Shanghai. Since its founding, it has established 18 branches in Shanghai and other 5 branches in Dalian, Ningbo and so on. The amount of its high-class foreign family nanny, family care and teachers has reached more than 1000.
  • Has always been regarded as one of China's largest household services companies, it is the first company which has successfully transplanted the popular PBTC home security model.
  • It offers services covering housekeeping, cleaning, and installation maintenance, dredging, and decorating together. At present, it owns 11 branches in Hang Zhou, Shanghai and so on. Since 2003, it is becoming a well-known brand of service.
  • It is a well-known domestic services company in southwest of China. As the first professional, systematic, and standardized company which aims in development, training and services in Sichuan, it has made much contribution to China’s housekeeping services.
  • Being a new integrated family service agency in Tianjin, it has provided comfortable and reasonable services for the overseas in Tianjin Area. Its spirit of “national-oriented and overseas-oriented” also makes it famous in China.
  • Established in 1994, it now has about 400 workers including laid-off workers, professionals and technicians. In addition to its reasonable price and high-quality services, its standard management is also famous.

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