Top 10 Housekeeping Service Companies Well-received by Foreigners in China

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If you are a foreigner in China, different language and culture will affect the household service for you to some extent. Thus a professional foreign housekeeper is very essential. Based on the popularity in the foreign people, we recommend the following top 10 housekeeping service companies.
  • As a housekeeping company which can offer “English Butler” service in China, its foreign services covers home cleaning, west food production, shopping, clothes cleaning and family health care, pet caring and so on. The well –established faculty all have received bilingual education, and understood the foreign countries well.
  • It is a professional foreign services company referring to foreign housekeeper training, international marriage, infant and child care, elderly care and so on. It aims to offer the most professional type of service to the right customer.
  • Founded in 2000, it offers a dozen of professional foreign-related service in China. Enjoying a good reputation in China’s housekeeping service industry, it specializes in providing full services and international family solutions to foreign families in the whole country.
  • Located in Shanghai, it is a service agency chain. The foreign services it can offer covering the area of housekeeping, cleaning and consulting. Its high-ranked employees all are good at family care and family tutor.
  • Since its establishment in 2001, it has enlarged into a company with 40 branches. Its foreign-related service, accompanied with the PBEC child-care and APT tutor service, has been a brand in China.
  • Based in Vancouver, it is an international housekeeping service company. The service it offers covering all the aspects of family life, including housekeeper, personal assistant, child care, tutor cleaning and so on.
  • Known as a service enterprise offering family and business services, it provides professional service for the family from England, France, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark and so on.
  • Owning 11 branches, it offers services covering housekeeping, cleaning, and installation maintenance, dredging, and decorating together. Since 2003, it is becoming a well-known brand of service.
  • Located in Tianjin, it provides foreign-related service for the foreigners. Full- range, high-quality is the main feature of its service. The employees who own good professional skills and psychological quality in it help build its reputation.
  • It aims at providing professional and qualified senior housekeeper, tutor. Most of its employees have passed the national English test (CET), and held driving license. The good communication skills of its employees make this company famous worldwide.

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