Four Most Professional Pet Centers in Beijing

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Pet is a vital part in your life, so how can you select a professional care center four pet exactly? According to the facilities and professionals’ qualities of many kinds of pet hospitals, we choose four most professional pet centers in Beijing as follows.
  • Beijing Puppy Town Animal Hospital is a professional animal clinic and offers good quality services. Since its foundation in 1999, it has been concentrating on the research and treatment of pets’ diseases, besides, it takes the lead to establish the center of animal ophthalmology. Puppy Town possesses the top-ranking inspection center and the complete first-rate laboratory test equipments.
  • As a member unit of World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), this animal hospital occupies over 260 square meters. It possesses complete equipments and advanced technology. In the past several years, Yongchang has been focusing on the research of animals’ diseases and has collected much rich experiences, especially in devocalization, bone surgery and so on. Its first-rate rank of doctors includes two experts and several famous attending doctors.
  • This hospital is a animal therapy interlocking institution, which has been admitted by some relevant departments of China National Cattle Husbandry and Agricultural Bureau. All of the doctors are graduated as masters or bachelors majoring in animal medicine. They have consummate medical technology and rich experience. The hospital is divided into consulting room, operating room, treatment room, in-patient department and any others.
  • The hospital has a total construction area of 750 square meters and is divided into many parts, for instance, the general consulting room, emergency room, laboratory, disinfection room and so on. The advanced treatment instruments make it a convenient to clinic diagnosis. Meanwhile, the hospital also offers many multiple levels of medical training; this effort has a good effect on the catching of new animal medicine information. There are two major businesses in the hospital, little animals’ dentistry and bone operation.

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