Five Most Professional Household Service Companies for Foreign Families

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Living in China’s international metropolis- Shanghai, do overlarge working pressure and tedious chores often make you mentally and physically exhausted? Don’t worry, the most professional foreign household service company will bring you the most professional service and help you to solve the unnecessary worries.
  • This company is a service company belongs to China-HK Housekeeping Group Limited. It specializes in foreign household services and providing completely international household service solution. Currently, it is a foreign housekeeping company which has star rating professional standard in China. In 2000, Shanghai Ejili has taken the lead to propose the “managing system” concept in China. It was the first housekeeping company to carry out the VIP member system services.
  • This company is the first professional family care service supplier leader in Shanghai China, certified by professional institute and serviced by Shanghai residents. YASH is your reliable service supplier of housekeeping and babysitting for foreigner families ONLY. The main services include household cleaning, distinctive cooking, babysitting, Chinese learning and pet feeding.
  • AEHS is a foreign housekeeping service provider aiming to provide high quality, in all aspects service. AEHS provide housekeeping services throughout the entire city of both servant style and intellect style of many kinds including house cleaning, cloth washing& ironing,family cooking, neonatal nursing, baby sitting, elder nursing, Filipino maids supplying and visa renewing, driver supplying, home education as well as art and musical instrument instruction etc.
  • This company specializes in high level housekeeping services, it has a group of teachers who have many years’ experience of housekeeping service management and training. Shanghai Boni has brought in the management experience of Hong Kong and foreign countries. It has also integrated the local customs and living habits to the foreign management experience. The main services are English housekeeping, high level confinement-caring woman, mother-baby caring, babysitting, house cooking and cleaning.
  • Shanghai Matt International Home Service Co., Ltd is a member of Hong Kong Shengli International Group, which is a high-level international company, specialized in high-end housekeeping. Through the recruitment and training of the employees, Matt can make these people into professional family attendants with a set of standards and techniques, who will provide high-level housekeeping and the hour-based housekeeping for the high-income family. Meanwhile, Matt International Home Services Co., Ltd will also allow the family attendants to live in the client’s house, especially for those rich families and foreigners.

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