Five Earliest House-Moving Companies in Beijing

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In today's society, many people have to move house as their main activity of life because of the frequent change of work and many other causes. All the furniture needs professional moving company to help you. Here are 5 house-moving companies which are established early in Beijing. Relying on its years of service experience, they will help to solve all the moving troubles!
  • Beijing Qianxi house-moving Company, founded in 1990, is one of the earliest moving companies in Beijing. Now it has more than 400 employees, more than 100 cars. All employees are trained and the company has many models and professional service personnel. It has many branches, with various transportation vehicles and perfect supporting transport equipment. It provides the following services items: Responsible to undertake social masses house-moving, undertake company house-moving, etc.
  • Beijing Likang house-moving Company, founded in 1994, is a large-scale moving transport company with the following services items, such as resident moving, office relocation, packing personal belongings, the relocation of heavy equipment, warehousing, air-conditioning machines shift and so on.Now it has more than 600 employees, more than 100 cars. Most of the subordinate offices located in center of Beijing.
  • Beijing Shunfa house-moving service company is a large-scale moving transport companies in Beijing, providing the services of house-moving, the transportation service and the freight events.The company, with 14 years’ service experience, has many subordinate offices, and the services covering most area in Beijing. Now it has more than 80 employees, more than 30 cars.
  • Beijing Shuangxi house-moving company is a professional house-moving service provider. Founded in 1996, it is one of earliest house-moving companies in Beijing. Since it was established,now it has become a certain scale professional move transportation company.All the workers have a strong dedication working spirit and professional skill in the company.
  • As a new generation of moving company in Beijing, Beijing Sifangtong Moving Company, founded in the late 1990s, has more than 30 cars, and has a group of professional employees. It provides the basic residents and enterprises moving services, and undertakes the items of industrial and commercial logistics, move small transportation, equipment installation, disassembling furniture, air conditioning and other supporting services.

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