Ten Service Apartments with the Most Complete Service Facility in Shanghai

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About the Ranking
Service apartment has also become the best habitation of the business people. Based on the degree of the perfection, we have chosen 10 service apartments which will absolutely bring you the best experience and enjoyment of accommodation.
  • This apartment has 38 floors. You can overlook the Shanghai skyline and the beautiful landscape of the bund. All the 223 apartments of the hotel are fully furnished. This apartment has luxurious separate rooms, two-bedrooms and three-bedrooms. All the rooms are equipped with special office area, separate living room and catering area.
  • Shengtiandi Service Apartment locates at Jiangning Road. The total building area is 20,000 square meters. Shengtiandi Service Apartment has first-grade service facilities, such as 24-hour guard, password gate control system and intelligence elevator. All the rooms of the apartment are equipped with 24-hour central hot-water supply system, double-door refrigerator, 3.5g tumbling-box washing machine, sterilizer, smoke exhauster and electromagnetic range.
  • Xujiahui City Apartment locates in the famous Shenfeng Mansion. The rooms open to the south. There is also a large porch with good field of view at the south direction. The room is equipped with 2 air conditioners, water heater, double-door refrigerator, high-volume tumbling-box washing machine, sterilizer, smoke exhauster, gas cooker, television, telephone, broadband, etc.
  • Xinshikong Service Apartment is a four-star luxurious service apartment. It has brand new home decoration, double-bed, configure color TV, refrigerator, broadband, phone, DVD, video intercom, 24-hour hot water, purified water, central air conditioning, induction cooker, microwave oven, electronic kettle and a full set of kitchen utensils. It is very close to Chong Shan Park. All domestic credit cards can be accepted in Xinshikong Service Apartment.
  • Greenland Service Apartment locates at the juncture of Xiehe Road and Xianxia West Road. It is fresh and elegant. There are 24 to 32 square meters’ luxurious rooms, 38 to 46 square meters’ luxurious administration rooms, 58 to 70 square meters’ luxurious suites and 170 square meters' luxurious administrative suites. The luxurious administrative suites are equipped with study room and accompanying room, international long-distance telephone, Skype voicemail, 42-inch liquid crystal color TV set and satellite television, high-speed Internet access, etc.
  • Pacific International Hotel was opened in 2004. It is a modern luxurious hotel with 400 suites of different styles. Every guest room has its self-contained kitchen, drawing room, living room, bathroom, office area. Besides, all rooms are equipped with wireless connections. The fitness center, SPA physiotherapy center and sauna massage center can meet all kinds of customers' needs.
  • Park View Court Service Apartment locates at the commercial center of Xujiahui. It has 25 floors, 112 units. There are 57 to 158 square meters’ rooms in the apartment. All rooms are equipped with 43-inch plasma color TV, split-type air conditioner, microwave oven, tumbling-box washing machine, clothes dryer, refrigerator, broadband, etc. The ultra-large type double bed will make you feel warm and comfortable. The apartment also provides commercial services.
  • Love Binjiang Service Apartment's transportation is quite convenient. It has European style decoration. On the first and second floor, there are Hong Kong style Chinese restaurants, teahouses, German-style western restaurants, coffee houses, recreational fitness club, convenience stores and banks to meet all the customers’ needs. All the rooms are equipped with computers, printers, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, kitchen, etc.
  • New Huangpu Service Apartment locates at the center of Shanghai. There are 245 guest rooms with complete facilities in the apartment. The 2,000 square meters’ clubhouse which is equipped with warm-water swimming pool on the second floor can meet all the needs of the customers.
  • Hongdian Garden Service Apartment locates at the Changning district. It has American-style decoration. The floor uses ground title and plank. The AO.SMITH hot water circulation system, bathroom heater devices and the dry-wet separation devices can bring you a washing area where you can enjoy high-quality.

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