Top 6 Most Famous Hospitals in Beijing

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Finding a right hospital is very important when you fall into illness, especially in a foreign. The following will introduce most famous hospitals in Beijing and hope they can help you when are in trouble.
  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is a renowned general hospital in China with a prestigious historical background. Designated by Ministry of Health, PUMCH is the national medical technical support center for diagnosis and treatment of severe and complicated diseases. PUMCH consists of a complete spectrum of specialties with excellent, strong clinical foundations and expertise. It is the most famous hospital in Beijing.
  • Beijing Aerospace General Hospital is located Donggaodi of Fengtai District in Beijing, and covers 4,7985 square meters, and is established is the third Grade General Hospital of Beijing integrating medicine, training, research and prevention. Now it holds 37 Clinical Departments, 524 Sickbeds, 37Specilization Centers, and its community service stations found all the living area and scientific research area.
  • Beijing Tongren hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University is a major comprehensive hospital founded in 1886. The trademark and badge “Tongren” is the first popular trademark in the medical service area awarded by the China Trademark Office. Beijing Tongren hospital consists of a complete spectrum of specialties with excellent, strong clinical foundations and expertise. Equipped with the most advanced medical equipments and technologies in China, the hospital is famous for its outstanding ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology.
  • The Beijing Hospital Now is a class-three &grade A hospital with being the health care centre for central committee cadres, which is a directly hospital under the Ministry of Health’s. Therefore, Beijing Hospital centers on senior cadres’ healthcare, focuses on geriatrics search, opens to outside utmost, therefore it can be called a large-scale integrated hospital with offering medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention.
  • Founded in 1999,Dongfang Hospital is affiliated by Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is state class three grade A Chinese medicine hospital, the national demonstration Chinese medicine hospital, the national Chinese medicine cerebropathy center, the national emergency center and Ministry of Education key subjects Chinese medicine internal base.
  • The General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (PLAGH) (also Hospital 301) occupies an area of over one million square meters and a floor space of over 252,900 square meters. Since its foundation in 1953, PLAGH has developed into a large general hospital that integrates medical care, health care, education and research with all disciplines, numerous professional talents, state-of-the-art equipments, unique predominance and perfect medical care environment.

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