Ten General Hospitals with Strong Strength in China

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Are you always suffered from minor ailments in China? There is no special family doctor in China, but the gradually developing hospital services can also make your life in China healthy and energetic. The following are the 10 most powerful general hospitals selected according to the comprehensive strength includes scale, instrument and society awareness.
  • PUMCH is a large comprehensive hospital with gathering of treatment, teaching and research. It is the national medical technical support center for diagnosis and treatment of severe and complicated diseases. With its gathering of notable experienced physicians, medical professionals and scientific researchers of various specialties, PUMCH has maintained its leading position as one of the top-ranked hospitals in the same industries of China all along.
  • This hospital is the largest and most comprehensively powerful hospital in Sun Yat-Sen University’s affiliated hospitals. It was founded in 1910, and it is an important base for South China’s medical treatment, teaching, research, disease prevention, health care and healing. It was titled “China mainland’s medical institute Hong Kong persons trust most” in 2004.
  • It was the first batch of hospitals which have passed the judgment of National Grade 3, A level hospital. Now, it has become one of the national high-level medical teaching and research centers. Huashan hospital has high reputation at home and abroad. Huashan hospital has great medical technology strength, there are over 2000 employee in this hospital, of whom, 80% are professional technicists of medical treatment.
  • Ruijin hospital was founded in 1907. It is a large comprehensive Grade 3, A level teaching hospital. Ruijin hospital covers an area of 120,000 square meters. Ruijin hospital has 3445 employees. It is the biggest clinical teaching bases of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Medical College. In recent years, Ruijin Hospital has received over 300 various research items, which includes national important scientific fund items.
  • PLA General Hospital is the biggest comprehensive hospital in the army, with the gathering of treatment, health protection, teaching and research. It is one of the important national health protection bases in charge of the central military commission and the headquarters’ medical and health protection work. Through 50 years’ construction, it has been developed into a world well-known modern hospital which has a lot of technical talents, complete clinical subjects, advanced equipment and high-standard medical treatment.
  • This hospital was founded on August 23rd, 1956. It is a large comprehensive Grade 3, level one hospital concentrating on the neurology. Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing Neurosurgery Research Center are two of the world’s three largest neurosurgery research centers. Beijing Tiantan Hospital is the largest neurosurgery, research and teaching bases of Asia. It is also WHO’s neurology training and cooperation center in China.
  • This hospital was founded in 1844. It is the first western-medicine hospital after Shanghai’s opening as a port. It has 164 years history till now. Shanghai Renji Hospital has been developing rapidly during over 50 years’ time after the foundation of the nation. It has become a comprehensive Grade 3, level 1 hospital which is the combination of Medical treatment, teaching and research.
  • The precursor of this hospital was The Second Army Hospital of North-west Military Area. Through over 50 years’ construction, Xijing hospital has been developed into a large comprehensive hospital which has complete specialized fields, exquisite medical technology, strong teaching staff and powerful technological strength. It is a modern comprehensive hospital inosculated by medical treatment, teaching and research. It was cited as Grade 3, level 1 hospital in 1993.
  • The history of this hospital can dates back to 1900. Now, it is attached to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tongji Medical College. It is a modern comprehensive Grade 3, level one hospital engages in medical treatment, teaching and research. There are 2000 sickbeds, 19 clinical sections, 13 medical technology sections and 19 Grade 2 sections.
  • This hospital was founded in 1946. It is the biggest comprehensive hospital of Guangdong province. It is also one of the largest and the most comprehensively powerful hospital in China. The building area of Guangdong General Hospital is 253,000 square meters. There are 4478 active employees in Guangdong General Hospital. The hospital annual received inpatients are 65,000 and the annual large-scale operations reach more than 20,000.

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