Ten Famous SPAs with Most Romantic Environment in Beijing

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After a pleasant journey, a serious business negotiation, or an exciting shopping, are you full of fatigue? Why not try something to get you motivated? Here are 10 of the best SPAs with great romance in Beijing which may help you continue with natural beauty, exotic style or modern decoration.
  • With its luxurious hall that fogged in soft light of the crystal lamps and the famous paintings, curios and neoclassic European furniture, Lilyspring Spa is the one to none spa in Beijing. Apart from that, tens of its splendid exotic suites are extremely private and comfortable, which may give you an illusion as if you just come to a sunny chalet in Mediterranean Sea.
  • It is a typical Thailand-style spa that takes into the classic Thailand philosophy of balance and harmony. In addition, physical therapy rooms are named as Thavarawadee, Sriwichai, Sukhothai, Ayuttaya, which represent the most prosperous eras of Thailand. The atmosphere here definitely can direct you into the history of Thailand.
  • The light color and decoration style bring you in the heaven of Tao Yuanming in the Eastern Jin Dynasty of ancient China. Here you can totally forget uproars outsides, thoroughly immerse in the soft music, quietly enjoy the scented tea, and receive a Spanish royal skin nursing from a professional beauty counselor; by which can soften your tension and improve your health peacefully.
  • This spa is designed in traditional Beijing courtyard dwelling style. However, the spa gets rid of its loud noise and is more like a delicate museum. The assembling of sculpture, candlelight, flowers and duckweeds easily get you drunken in this dreaming world. Therefore, it’s a wise choice for you to relax.
  • The combination of romantic beaches and fantastic waves makes you enjoy the real sunny beaches. Facing to the south, the blinds can adjust the amount of sunshine to your comfort. Furthermore, the thrilling surfing together with 216 kinds of romantic man-made waves and tender ecologic beaches make you forget the time!
  • The unified visual, auditory, gustatory and tactual health therapy is its unique selling point. Here you may experience the essence oil from natural plants; hear the natural rhythm of quebrada and ocean; enjoy the fresh fragrance of plants essence. The leisure life style and infinite modern beauty concept aim to create a fairyland for you!
  • The spa is fogged with harmonious fragrance of lavender and white camellia. And it is especially suitable for two people together as the well-equipped double massage tables, giant bathtub, rainforest shower bath; LCD TV may add more romance for lovers.
  • This one is famous for its various spa rooms. Except that, it provides the customers with free yoga rooms, indoor thermostatic swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna steam room and beauty salon for 24 hours.
  • Its complete functional departments make your time here a convenience; the spa sets such separated areas as reception area, waiting area, consultancy area, dressing room, bathing room, and yoga room and so forth. It also owns 11 separated beauty parlors and 3 VIP rooms with Xiangfei barrels. You may have a great time with the high standard service and facilities here.
  • You may receive the God’s treatment here with the different levels of service. The spa owns such VIP rooms as standard VIP room, super VIP room and business suite. And each has distinctive decorations and unique service equipments that are different from others. You may find the most private and comfortable service in this spa.

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