Ten Best SPAs with First-class Facilities in Shanghai

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After experiencing the high-speed city life, are you anxious for a break? Let’s slow down and have a rest in the following 10 SPAs. They own the first-class facilities and offer high quality service. With no doubt, you can have a great enjoyment here.
  • The Spa adds five elements together with ying and yang to its design. And it owns 13 post-modern style SPA suites and each of them stands for gold, wood, water, fire and earth respectively. The pavilions such as the Fire Pavilion, the Earth Pavilion and the Water Pavilion are cleverly laid out here. Without exception, you can totally relax here.
  • It owns the biggest Thailand style SPA and café, Billiards, table tennis room, comprehensive fitness equipment room, dance room, outdoor tennis court, and reflexology room. Furthermore, it offers 24-hour service for customers all the year round. The elegant environment and high privacy may guarantee you both physical and mental health.
  • Such six functional services as kinetic energy fitness, slimming, private SPA, organic diet, dance and yoga, tennis courts, squash court, private spa pool, the VIP area and wireless net bar may make you totally refreshed here. At the same time, it owns the most advanced sports equipment and facilities. Here can be your wise choice for social activities and personal enjoyment.
  • The design of David Camp strictly follows the “the five senses treatment”. So you may hear the running cloud and singing birds and frogs; breathe in the fragrance of the incense; taste the scented tea and receive the private massage with moderate intensity. Here, you may be part of the nature!
  • This is a full range of Health Park. Each letter of the name “TNP” is the representation of its self-requirements. They emphasize on the service progressions and environmental facilities. Therefore, it is believed that you may enjoy yourself here with its first class service.
  • There are 9 therapy rooms including 2 single rooms, 3 deluxe rooms and 4 double rooms. Of course the consulters experienced the professional training. The classic architecture on the west bank of Huangpu River matches with the modern constructions on the east bank, which make the spa charming and attractive. Therefore, you may live a healthy life here.
  • It is the first branch of French mineral water Evian across the border. The Evian three-people massage and pregnant women massage are particular famous. The space, designed by the Hong Kong stylist, creates a harmony and peaceful atmosphere with dim-yellow light, running water and stone. It should be the most beautiful paradise of the Bund.
  • With reference to the concept of American City Spa, it locates in the high-grade downtown area of Shanghai, who adopts the most advanced products and equipments imported from Europe and America. That is to say you can keep balance between your body and heart with the foreign advanced treatment in China.
  • It is the earliest SPA that adopts the Aromatherapy in Shanghai. Its design and decoration are professional and cozy. With introducing of many beauty equipments and high-qualified nursing products abroad, the spa aims to provide every customer with professional and scientific service. You may refresh yourself here with Modern Aesthetics and Technology.
  • It's a typical royal style of Tang Dynasty in ancient China. The lotus-shaped yoga room in the hall is one of its unique features. Additionally, the heat from underground tubes is used to keep an available temperature indoors, which aims to avoid the harm caused by air conditioner. There are 14 chambers filled with the atmosphere of the combination of Tang Dynasty and modern design.

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