Five Well-equipped Fitness Club in Guangzhou

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When you lead a nervous and rhythmic life in China, have you ever thought to relax yourself by doing exercises? As the one of the biggest commercial cities in China, Guangzhou has lots of well-equipped fitness clubs. Their first-class facilities and professional coaches will bring you distinct enjoyment.
  • Currently, Total Fitness Club is the largest and the best-equipped fitness club in Guangzhou. This club has aerobic fitness area, resistance fitness area, circulating training area, indoor cycling room, healthy dancing room, yoga room, boxing area, sunlight room, sauna shower area, health teahouse, fitness products monopoly. Total Fitness Club has established 35 interest-oriented classes. There are more than 100 characteristic courses include indoor cycling, all kinds of yoga, and various healthy dancing classes and LESMILLS setting-up classes.
  • As the branch of Jianlibao Fitness Group, the fitness equipment and the advanced video all belong to the introduction of advanced equipment. There are large-scale gymnasium, Aerobics exercise hall, capacious, swimming pool, gym sports dance with cold shower room, sauna room, beauty salon, beauty shop, a billiard, table tennis, badminton, basketball, diversified infrastructure for the member, the student services and high-standard professional coach direction.
  • This center covers an area of 4,000 square meters. It is the most advanced and complete sports leisure center in Guangzhou. Alex Sports Fitness Center have a large perfect advanced fitness dance floor, fitness equipment, sauna room, table tennis, swimming pool and rest hall. It is also equipped with various equipment fitness, aerobics and basic class of body dance. There are veteran coaches to guide you.
  • Qingdao Fitness Center was praised as bank fitness center. It has an elegant environment. Qingdao Fitness Center is a 5-floor comprehensive chamber with an area of 15,000 square meters. It is also the largest and the most luxurious fitness center in Guangzhou. The fitness area is over 3,000 square meters. Qingdao Fitness Center has the only homothermal and hollow swimming pool in Guangzhou, the height is 9 meters.
  • This club is equipped with fitness hall, body dancing hall, and sport recovery section and steam bathroom. There are 2 aerobics classes in this club every day. Dongfanghong Fitness Club release Taekwondo, boxing, indoor cycling, yoga, ballet and hip-hop classes regularly. Although the club locates at the old city’s gymnasium and the transportation is not convenient, it is also pursued by lots of fitness lovers.

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