Five Beijing Dental Clinics with Most Characteristic Dental Services

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Have you ever been frustrated about not finding out a proper clinic in an unfamiliar place? As many foreign friends live and work in Beijing city, a number of outstanding dental clinics appeared there, and their diversificed dental services will help you solve all the dental troubles.
  • As one of the famous chain dental clinics in Beijing, A&S opened four main services including dental medical hairdressing, oral medicine, mouth rehabilitation, orthodontics. Its special thermal teeth filling technique wins wide praise of patients at home and abroad.
  • In order to adapt to the needs of different levels, Cheng-he Clinic opened perfect teeth and dental nursing service projects, including the dental care and health teeth clean, orthodontic treatment, tooth filling, root canal therapy, surgical cleft surgery, dental examination and periodic review.
  • As the most popular dental clinic by the Chinese stars, Nuoya Dental Clinic adopted advanced technology introduced from the Swiss and U.S, which has won unique praise for its teeth in hairdressing services. Besides, its personalized aesthetics teeth design, treatment without pain attracted numerous patients.
  • Owning advanced complete dental examination and treatment equipment, Xi Mei Dental has made some achievements in dental service especially in dental implanting. The clinic employs imported dental implanting equipment and system, and has rich experience in the case of the dental implanting examination and design, dental selection and maintenance after implanting. Besides, the treatment environment is clean and the sterilization is thoroughly made.
  • As an experienced and dental experts made team, Careplus Center characterizes professional periodontal therapy, and employs advanced equipment with years of experience, and therefore to provide omnibearing personalized treatment for patients at home and abroad suffering from periodontal disease.

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