Nine Yoga Centers with the Most Characteristic Yoga Courses in Beijing

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The fretful mood and feeling is a great barrier of your successful carrier and family harmony. Especially, it is a health hazard. It is time to calm down and enjoy your life. Then, please come with me to the following 10 fitness clubs to relax yourself.
  • Fine Yoga can provide various yoga courses, including Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bikram Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Lyengar Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga. Fine Yoga can also provide high-quality instructions.
  • Yogi Yoga is famous for its authentic and mature teaching system and powerful teaching team. Yogi Yoga has international yoga masters. It also has cooperative relations with the ancient Kaivalvadham and the whole American yoga league. Both the common students and the yoga coaches said that they have gained real yoga enlightenment.
  • Qingniao Yoga has mixed together the Indian health wisdom, Chinese traditional medical care theory and modern western scientific method and business mode.
  • Kewen Yoga skillfully blends the Indian yoga, ballet, classical dancing, taichi and national medicine with each other. Through many years’ test, it has created this bodybuilding style which combines the science and art. The movements are quite simple and they are very easy to learn.
  • Beijing Amanya Yoga Center has a fresh and simple environment to help you relax yourself in the simplicity. You can stretch yourself freely in the spacious space. Besides, it provides small class teaching to guarantee the necessary instructions and care to every student.
  • The biggest characteristic of Chanzhou Ziwu Yoga is that it integrates the traditional Chinese Medicine with yoga body position. Ziwu Yoga advocates that you can study different yoga styles during the 12 hours’ training.
  • The powerful teaching resource and professional teaching system fully reflect the professional, authentic, classic and innovative style of Jiayun Yoga. The students in Yoga Training Center can personally experience the rigor and preciseness of the coaches.
  • Beijing Geyati Yoga Fitness Center follows the services advocated by Swami Sivananda. It teaches the students to use correct asana, correct breathe, reasonable diet and active thought during the exercises.
  • As the first ecological water system yoga center, Shenghe Yoga will bring you the purest Indian traditional yoga. This center has specially employed professional coaches who had gained certificates of Indian Yoga College. It has opened hata yoga asana courses and meditation courses.

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