10 Fitness Clubs with the Richest Fitness Courses in Shanghai

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Are you worried about choosing a suitable fitness club for yourself? After reading the following 10 fitness clubs which can provide the customers with professional instructions and high-quality services, you can easily find a suitable one.
  • Yourgym Fitness Club has complete kinds of bodybuilding courses. The unique spinning courses, international karate courses and 6 professional yoga courses are all Yourgym Fitness Club’s characteristics. This club is the only fitness club which has rock climbing and European noble swordplay courses in Shanghai.
  • Yinggema Fitness Club is a high-grade and professional club engages in bodybuilding, muscular development and entertainment. All the equipments are imported from developed foreign countries. It has opened over 50 kinds of courses.
  • It is a comprehensive member system club which has a building area of 4,500 square meters. Besides, it is equipped with indoor swimming pool, outdoor leisure sunshine areas, dynamic fitness center, children's activities area, aerobic room, yoga room, squash courts, a health bar and comfortable sauna, etc.
  • The biggest advantage of Total Fitness Club is that it has complete bodybuilding courses. This club also has professional and complete sports equipments. Over 10% of the coaches are foreigners. There are about 20 coaches on duty every day.
  • FitnessFirst has ring-shaped field. The exercise room can accommodate 30 people. Besides, it has spinning area where 25 rigid vehicles are equipped there. Most of the sports equipments are imported from Europe and America. Some of the courses are the international popular LESMILLS courses, including BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYBALACE, BODYJAM, RPM, etc.
  • It has 150 square meters’ aerobics field for the customers to take exercises here. The bodybuilding equipments are American 130dy-SOLID brand. The new members of the club can have the coaches’ instructions of aerobics courses.
  • Bailong Sports Leisure Center can provide various courses, including aerobic equipment, anaerobic equipment, dancing, etc. The advanced bodybuilding equipments, professional coach team and the fashionable courses will create a brand new bodybuilding experience.
  • Shanghai Will’s Fitness Club is a medium-to-high grade club engages in bodybuilding, entertainment, leisure, social intercourse, etc. This club can provide various courses, including spinning, yoga, Pilates, etc. All the courses are very detailed.
  • Shendeshi Fitness Center is a comprehensive institute engages in fitness industry. This center can provide various bodybuilding courses, including pedal, aerobic Latin, ball exercises, yoga, Latin dancing, belly dance, taekwondo, man’s bodybuilding courses, swimming, billiards, etc.
  • Beifeite International Fitness Center has a complete set of British bodybuilding equipments. The bodybuilding area has complete top-quality sports equipments. The main course are to direct at the training of leg, chest, waist, back, belly and shoulder.

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