10 Fitness Clubs with the Most Professional Body-shaping Courses in Shanghai

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Are you envious of the slim or strong stars? If so, let’s get started to the following ten fitness clubs which have the most professional body-building courses. You can discover the possibilities and realize your star dreams there.
  • Weider-Tera Fitness Management Co., Ltd has 23 stores in Shanghai. It has its distinctive training methods of yoga, spinning, aerobics, pedal exercises, etc. This company attracts lots of white collars, artists, etc.
  • Total Fitness Club has 18 branches. The courses of Total Fitness Club include LA MAGIC, hot yoga, pole dancing, double yoga, Spanish dancing, power yoga, jazz dance, Pilates, belly dance, hip-hop, step aerobics, hatha yoga, healthy dance, etc.
  • Shanghai Bailong Fitness Club has senior fitness coaches and instructors. The health consultant can make a body-shaping plan for you. This club has top-grade sports equipments and 200 group free exercise courses every week.
  • Shanghai Jianzhixing Fitness Center has professional international level coaches. It is a large-scale indoor bodybuilding space opened to the world. The bathrooms are free to the members. The fitness items include bodybuilding, aerobics, ballet, taekwondo, yoga, bowing, hip-hop, spinning, table tennis, etc.
  • The investment of the equipments in Megafit Fitness Center amounts to 10 million yuan. The bodybuilding service facilities and content include aerobics and free weight movement. The characteristic courses include L.L.A. aerobics, step aerobics, Latin, kick boxing, body-shaping training, aerobic dance, resist-a-ball, yoga, etc.
  • Kangmei Fitness Center has comfortable environment. The support facilities of this center include aerobic equipment area, aerobics room, resting room, etc. This center has professional national-level coaches to provide you with comprehensive physical fitness evaluation, characteristic bodybuilding scheme, and scientific diet suggestions and on-the-spot guidance.
  • It is one of the largest professional fitness and recreation clubs in Shanghai. It has a number of excellent management talents and coaches. This club has plentiful popular bodybuilding courses. The cardio-training area, weight training area, spacious spinning room, the heated swimming pool and the comfortable bathroom will make your bodybuilding full of relaxation and happiness.
  • Luyun Fitness Club Co., Ltd is a comprehensive modern chain fitness club. It can provide various courses, including ballet, yoga, Pilates etc. to satisfy all the customers’ needs. Besides, this club has the popular spinning room. With the instructions of the professional coaches, you will certainly experience the unprecedented pleasure of bodybuilding.
  • Feite Fitness Center has aerobic training center, aerobics room, spinning room, pugilism area, billiards, complete beauty SPA center. You can experience the high-quality recreational enjoyment. The comfortable bathroom and sauna room will remove all your exhaustion after exercises.
  • Physical Fitness and Beauty keeps importing the earliest beauty technology of the world. It has imported the beauty weight-losing equipment like slimming healthy skin, oxygen activating apparatus, photoelectric beautiful white tender skin, etc.

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