Top Ten Most Popular Professions for Your Job-Seeking in China

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About the Ranking
Do you know which professions are more popular in China if you decide to find a job there? The following are the most popular ones currently. If you possess some professional skills in the following fields, you will surely have the upper hand on job-seeking.
  • Known as the sunrise industry, electronic information is an emerging high-tech industry. According to the analysis of Ministry of Information Industry, China is now experiencing a critical period of the development of electronic information industry, which is expected to develop in a growth rate of about twice higher than that of the economic development.
  • The 21st century is the century of biotechnology and bio-scientific research talents has been the focus of international competition for talents in recent years. Both the biotechnology researchers and talents of biotechnology product development are in short supply in China. There is a strong demand for the Chinese biotechnology talents in the next period of time.
  • As the car is becoming the Chinese people's life necessity, automobile has become a very popular profession in society. Automotive Professionals have become hot cakes in the automotive industry. The complex talents in this field will be the focus of the competition.
  • In the face of increasingly fierce international competition in the market, the development of modern Chinese medicine and biomedical technology industry is bound to go ahead. In particular, modern Chinese medicine industry not only has faster development in the world, but also is an industry with faster growth in China.
  • With the rapid development of the world economy and the modern science and technology, logistics industry is developing rapidly worldwide as an emerging service sector in the national economy. In the foreseeable future, in addition to the shortage of logistics personnel, related talents of systematic management, professional personnel of import and export business, e-logistics personnel and high-level talents of international logistics will be more popular.
  • New materials have broad scope of application and promising prospects for development. Their levels of research and development and industrialization scope have become an important sign of a country's economic development, scientific and technological progress. Talents in such field are very popular in China.
  • At present, the Chinese environmental protection industry is facing a serious shortage of human resources and the current personnel of environmental technology are far from the actual demand. At the same time, the development and utilization of renewable energy have become an important part of the world's energy strategy for sustainable development.
  • Nowadays more and more business entities and companies in China carry on the changeover of company property right and mechanism using competitive bidding system and annual salary system, which actually is to submit the authority of enterprise management to the professional entrepreneur.
  • 9 Law
    With the gradual strengthening of national awareness of the law, enterprises are also enhancing their law awareness. The concept of the contract is slowly filtering into people's minds, which will bring large demand on law professionals. The legal profession has become one of China's future top professions.
  • As China's market economy continues to improve, marketing has infiltrated a wide range of enterprises and people will have a better understanding on this concept. So the demand for qualified personnel in this area will continue to be optimistic.

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