Top Nine Largest Foreign Investment Service Centers in China

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With the rapid development of China, more and more foreign enterprises begin to invest in China; however, some of them are extremely confused about the complicated procedures. Therefore the following 10 of the biggest foreign investment service centers will help you with a successful investment in China.
  • Established in 1991, it has expanded its business to the whole Yangtze River Delta and fostered close relationship with numbers of development parks. At the same time, it has diversified its businesses as the services like finance consultation, management consultation and public relation from the policy consultation and one-stop registration delegation.
  • Being part of the Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, it is authorized by the Beijing government which mainly provides professional services for foreign investors. So far, it has offered amount of human services to more than 1000 foreign enterprises in different sectors.
  • Founded in August 1993, it mainly provides the consultation about investment environment, laws and policies for foreign enterprises. And its business area mainly involves drafting of feasible analysis report and contract together with various registered certificates delegation for foreign corporations. While recently, it attempts to provide more information involving consolidation, acquisition, transfer of stock right, tax, customs, banks, exchange rate and labor recourses for its customers.
  • It was set up by Shenzhen government to improve the investment environment and facilitate foreign investment. Gathering all the function departments, it provides a set of services including application, registration, construction, water and electricity supply, and the license delivery.
  • It started its business from 1988 to improve the investment environment and promote the opening to the outside which now provides with a full set of effective services for foreign investors. And it has established firm relationship in trade and economy with different foreign investors as well as formed close cooperative relationships within China. Till now, it has achieved lots of success and developed more than 2000 enterprises members in China.
  • Founded on 29th, April, 1998, it gathers 35 governmental function departments, 2 managerial departments and 10 intermediate service institutes that relate to foreign investment altogether. Its business area involves industrial and commercial registration, customs, taxation, financial registration, planning advisory, immigration, water and electricity which can provide its customers with high quality service and harmonious investment environment.
  • Being made of 10 departments as Economic and Trade Bureau, the Development Planning Bureau, Finance Bureau, Trade and Industry Bureau, the Environmental Protection Agency, Technical Supervision, Planning and Construction Bureau, Fire Bureau, Land Resources Bureau, Construction Bank of China Huizhou Branch, it mainly focuses on the coordination of the approval of business , delegation of business and implementation of business among all the departments with its core businesses involving the foreign funded projects, approval, certification, registration, land acquisition, fees, consultation, complaints and so on.
  • It is a foreign investment service institute founded by the Management Committee of Qingdao Development District. And as a bridge between investors and government, the service center has implemented one-stop system which has provided with free services till the project begins for the investors.
  • The service center, leaded by Bohai Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau and supported by Economic Development Board, Trade and Industry Bureau, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Inland Revenue and other departments, mainly offers the services like researching and explaining the policies and regulars to foreign-funded enterprises; delegating the procedures for foreign-funded enterprises; dealing with the problems during their operation; delegating the foreign complaints and solving the disputes.

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