Top 5 Most Famous Registration Companies in China

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There has been an increasing number of foreign companies want to set up company in China. However, how to register a company in China? What should do to register a company in China? The following companies can help you to do all the things.
  • China Solutions is a Hong Kong company with a central office in Xiamen, China. Together with offices in Hong Kong and Xiamen, it is able to provide with quality products and services, at very competitive prices and within the given delivery periods.
  • ATA is a Hongkong-based company specializing in corporate formation, management and planning. ATA is the recognized industry leader in many leading jurisdictions. Established in Hong Kong in 1998, ATA extended its businesses quickly to the other parts of the world.
  • It was founded in 2006 as a platform to support both foreign and local businesses in their rapid growth as future market leaders. It provides the full spectrum of international business consulting services for clients interested in doing business in China as well as assists companies interested in sourcing or marketing in the Shanghai market.
  • It is a service agency established for the improvement of the investment environment, facilitation of the overseas investors from home and abroad with full range and highly efficient consulting services, registration agent service and various subsequent corporate services to meet the demand of the investors from home and abroad for various consulting services in the course of investment and initiation of business in Shanghai.
  • It is one of the largest and well-established consulting institution that provides with all kinds of companies and investors all-round and one-stop services concerning Hong Kong company incorporation and management, bank accounting, annual return, financial planning, tax and business consulting, liquidation and striking off, trademark registration and authorization, and brand image planning in line with corporate strategy.

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