Top 10 Most Excellent Company Registration Agencies in China

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Consulting a professional registration company is necessary for foreign companies who want to set up a company in China. The following companies can provide the most excellent service for you.
  • Beijing New Speed Business Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, providing foreign-invested-operations-focused services. In the past years, more than half of the Fortune 500 Multinationals Operating in Beijing have benefited from their support.
  • It can provide one-stop professional and synergistic corporate services supporting to its clients and international smart entrepreneurs. It has high reputation in the society.
  • It has a strong relationship with State Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce and it can provide professional and fast service for the customers from both at home and abroad.
  • It has aerved clients from 30 different countries who want to set up companies in China. It provides auditing, tax consulting, company incorporation, company secretarial services, business advisory services, company registration and other services.
  • The staff in the cmpany are of professional skills, high-level English, and close government relations, so much so that it is one of most excellent conslutant company in China.
  • It is a business consultancy originally from London specialising in worldwide company formation services. It has experienced and professional team providing perfect service for the customers.
  • It is capable of delivering effective client solution with an extremely competitive cost structure. Its unique value is:World Class Deliverables and China Cost.
  • It is a American husband and Chinese wife team providing businesses with a very unique viewpoint and background of "Doing Business in China". if you want to register a company in China, it is a good choice.
  • Located in Zhuhai, it shares ilingual capability with excellent trans-cultural communication and coordination skills. It provides professional and fast service for the foreign and home companies who want to register a company in anywhere of China.
  • Yisea international investment is a professional agency engages in registration and advisory services. The experienced and professional staffs in the comapny provide perfect service for the customers.

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