Ten Famous Chinese Development Zones Attracting the Most Foreign Investment

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For the foreign enterprise or personal who plan to invest in China, numerous economic and technical development zones become one of the numerous options. The following 10 main economic and technical development zones are the most famous zones which attract the most foreign investment.
  • As the first economic and technical development zone, Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone has always been the leader in the development zones. Until the first half year of 2009, it has accomplished the investment in fixed assets of 11.14 billion yuan, which increased by 15.3%. The actual use of foreign capital is 550 million dollars.
  • Through over 10 years’ development, the major economic indicators of the park have increased by 30%. In 2008, the park has realized the GDP of 100.15 billion. The total import and export volume reached 62.5 billion U.S. dollars, of which 31.1 billion U.S. dollars of export, a new registered 3.02 billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital, and 1.8 billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital to arrive.
  • Tianjin development zone is the product of China’s opening up to the outside world. Through 24 years’ development, Tianjin development zone has established one of the best development zones which have the biggest scale, the fastest developing speed and the best comprehensive benefits. In 2007, Tianjin development zone realized the industrial output of 3350.67 billion yuan.
  • Till the end of 2007, Minghang development zone has introduced 171 projects. The total investment amounts to 2.95 billion yuan. With the optimization of the industrial structure, it has over 10 enterprises and core companies which have an average annual production value of 2 billion yuan.
  • Until 2008, Nansha development zone realized the total output value of 30.568 billion yuan, with a growth of 45.48%. The industrial output value is 85.328 billion yuan. The taxation volume is 7.673 billion yuan.
  • Chongqing Economic and Technical Development Zone was built with the approval of State Council in 1993. Until April, 2006, it has introduced 427 foreign-funded enterprises from 22 countries. The total investment value amounts to 3.341 billion dollars. The contracted foreign capital is 1.077 billion dollars. And the actual paid-in capital is 877 million dollars.
  • Since the establishment of the development zone, it has introduced over 2,000 items with a total investment of 20 billion yuan. Over 700 of the items are foreign-funded enterprises. The total investment is 2.7 billion dollars.
  • Since the opening on April, 2004, Xi'an development zone has attracted 32 items, in which, 24 are entering enterprises. In 2007, it realizes the foreign export of 249 million dollars. In 2008, it ranked No. 6 in over 60 export processing zones.
  • Until June, 2009, Qingdao development zone has approved 18 foreign investment items. 12 items have capital increase, in which, 7 items have an investment of over ten million dollars. It has introduced 9 items; the total investment is 5.1419 billion dollars.
  • Since the establishment of the Changchun development zone, it has invested 10 billion dollars in the complement of the fundamental facilities. It has totally approved 4819 enterprises, in which, 572 are foreign enterprises. 29 enterprises are in the world top 500 companies.

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