Five Most Professional Consulting Companies for Investment Consultant Service in Beijing

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About the Ranking
As the center of the politics and economy in China, Beijing is the first choice for foreign investors to invest in China, so the marketing research is very important. The following 5 most professional consulting companies will help you have a deep understanding about the China markets and make a perfect investing strategy.
  • Beijing Zhongjing Economic Research Center is a company enrollment & management consultant institution, which has been admitted by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. With the rich experience and the wide business network, it offers high quality and efficient services for clients in different sides and industries. Besides, it also helps the clients solve any problems faced in company enrollment, including enrollment funds and address.
  • In virtue of the differences between countries and the difference of “one country, two systems”, now SINO-TONE has completed its structure integration and the cooperation strategy of advantages complementary. It has established over 1,000 units in the world. Since its foundation in 2005, SINO-TONE keeps the service principle of “professional, sincere, and classical”, aiming at becoming the first partner of international multiple services to offer more solutions for the world’s enterprises and commercial elites.
  • It is a professional law institution, which is admitted by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. Since it foundation in 1999, it has offered industrial and commercial service, tax enrollment and other relevant services for over 3,000 enterprises both at home or abroad and 200 foreign-invested enterprises. Its efficient business capacity receives much honor and wins a good image.
  • Beijing JoeSun Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. has enrolled many famous enterprises in the past 9 years since its foundation, such as foreign-investment enterprises, foreign enterprise offices, Hong Kong Company, American Company and so on. Its principle is associating with more enterprises and investors both at home and abroad to explore industry and develop the commerce.
  • This agency offers enrollment services for domestic and international investors, foreign enterprises and interior-capital enterprises. In the past several years, SINOWFOE has been receiving much honor from many law offices, public accounting firms and risk investment institutions. It will help the investors receive the approving examination, item examination and commerce examination in a shorter period, and win the better development in China.

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