The Best Examples of Tibetan Medicinal Plants

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The Best Examples of Tibetan Medicinal Plants
  • In western herbal medicine, Plantago spp. leaves are commonly used as diuretic, for treating wounds, ulcera etc. nowadays.
  • lymphatic diseases (chu gser), gastrointestinal disorders, gas in stomach, bone fracture & inflamation
  • It is interesting to note that this plant is being burnt to ashes prior to use. Probably there is a certain mineral content in the plant that differs from other plants.
  • internal in kidney diseases; as medical bath in joint pains together with 4 other plants and chang (tibetan beer).
  • They are believed to be very powerful beings who possess great wealth. If disturbed, they may cause diseases, especially of the lymphatic system. Tibetans prefer to never put up their camps too close to the water for that reason. Arthritis is associated with lymphatic disorders in the Tibetan system.
  • Medical Usage:Vermicide (tapeworms); infectious fevers; relieving pains of arthritis and rheuma. Ashes used to increase body heat. DUDSI LOMA: white, long root, slightly milky: Rheuma, artritis -pains, skin disease, gall disease ass. with nagas. Tonsilitis.)Stomach and intestines with fever; heals internal and external wounds; also used for coloring cloths yellow
  • Medical Usage:bad kan and poisonings

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