Most Professional Four International Acupuncture Training Centers in China

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As the most mysterious part of traditional Chinese medical science, Acupuncture has drawn the attention of the global medical science lovers. China is the best place for learning acupuncture.
  • The precursor of China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center is “International Acupuncture Class”. In 1975, it was founded with the authorization of World Health Organization (WHO) and the approval of Chinese State Council in Beijing. This center is a world famous authoritative institute which specializes in acupuncture training. For more than 30 years, this center has provided training about acupuncture, Chinese traditional medical science and Qigong to over 100 countries and districts all over the world.
  • The acupuncture and massage training base of WHO Shanghai International Acupuncture Training Center was founded on April 1st, 2005. This center has strong teaching force, abundant teaching resources, rich teaching and clinical experience. It can provide many different kinds of languages’ teaching, such as English, Japanese, Korean, etc. This center covers an area of 200 square meters. This center can provide various short-term classes for further studies, such as overseas student graduation practice, international acupuncture basic class, international acupuncture advanced class, etc.
  • Nanjing University of TCM, International Acupuncture Training Center is the earliest acupuncture training center founded with the nomination of World Health Organization in 1975. Currently, it has become the important component part of the traditional Chinese Medical Science cooperative center of World Health Organization. It mainly engages in training Chinese traditional medical science talents. The main acupuncture classes include basic class and advanced class.
  • Guoyu Jinfang (Beijing) International Medicine Academe was founded in 1988. Every year, it holds training before examination and advanced research training class on schedule. Currently, this academe has trained over 30,000 foreign students. And over 100 units have joined in this academe.

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