Five Universities with the Most Professional Short-term Traditional Chinese Medicine Training Courses in China

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With more and more foreigners coming to China to study traditional Chinese medicine, many well-known comprehensive universities offer a variety of training courses to meet the demands of different people. If you want to take short-term traditional Chinese medicine training and get to know the basic theory and practical knowledge and experience of traditional Chinese medicine, you may want to look upon the following five most specialized universities.
  • As one of the best medical universities, with its strong academic strength and qualified teachers, BUCM has always been the first choice among the foreign students who come to China to take short-term or long-term traditional Chinese medicine training. BUCM offers nearly 10 different short-term courses, in respect of Chinese medicine theory, acupuncture, traditional Chinese pharmacology, ranging from one week to half a year.
  • For years, Dalian Medical University has provided professional short-term training from lots of foreign students from different nations involving Chinese medical theories and acupuncture. It recruits many famous professors to guarantee the teaching quality and effectiveness. Lectures and practices in the classes make boring theories easier and better understood.
  • To meet the needs of learning the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine holds different medical knowledge and skill training classes regularly including Chinese medicine beauty, Chinese foods, acupuncture and massage, elderly health care and nursing. It has attracted large numbers of foreign students with many years’ development.
  • Founded in 1951, Southern Medical University plays a very important role in Chinese medical universities. Apart from 22 bachelor majors, it also has some short-time training classes which offer great convenience for foreign students. Besides, all its students can have a sufficient internship time to know Chinese medicine in a short period.
  • As a professional traditional Chinese medicine university in southwest of China, it has set up different kinds of training classes. With adoption of its unique procedures teaching model, it can make a detail course arrangement according different students which can make it efficiently comprehend by students.

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